WVDNR announces winners of West Virginia Archery in the Schools state tournament

More than 610 students participated in annual archery tournament on March 30

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.VA. — The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR) today announced the top schools and students for the annual West Virginia Archery in the Schools state tournament, which took place at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center on Saturday, March 30.

“We are so proud of the students who participated in the West Virginia Archery in the Schools tournament this year and for everyone involved in making this inclusive program so successful over the last 20 years,” said WVDNR Director Brett McMillion. “As we look to the future of this program, we’re excited to continue partnering with schools around the state to provide incredible opportunities for our youth to learn life skills that will help them later on in life, whether in the field or in their education and careers.”

More than 610 students from all over the state participated in the tournament. To qualify, schools had to participate in the state qualifier. The top eight elementary, middle and high school teams and the top 15 male and female elementary, middle and high school students were invited to participate in the state tournament.

“This year’s tournament was a celebration of the students and schools that work so hard to get to the state tournament and of the 20th anniversary of the Archery in the Schools program in West Virginia,” said Chris Scraggs, WVDNR Archery in the Schools Coordinator. “We want to thank everyone who participated in the program this year and extend a big congratulations to all our teams and students that placed in the state tournament.”

West Virginia Archery in the Schools State Tournament Results

Top High School Teams

  1. UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool 
  2. James Monroe High
  3. Herbert Hoover High

Top Middle School Teams

  1. Elkview Middle 
  2. Ripley Middle
  3. Peterstown Middle

Top Elementary School Teams

  1. Elk Elementary 
  2. Alderson Elementary
  3. Chesapeake Elementary

High School Male Individual Standings

  1. Clayton Mills (Wirt County High)
  2. Clay Tenney (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  3. Kadin Tinney (Petersburg High)
  4. Easton Dickenson (Summers County High)
  5. Jeremy McDonald (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  6. Fisher Cline (Westside High)
  7. Noah Stafford (Shady Spring High)
  8. Issiah Border (Ravenswood High)
  9. Sammy Poddey (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  10. Nathan Angell (Summers County High)

 High School Female Individual Standings

  1. Kimber Koehler (Wheeling Central Catholic)
  2. Madisyn Gregory (James Monroe High)
  3. Brea Ellison (Hurricane High)
  4. Abilene Supers (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  5. Abigail Okes (Shady Spring High)
  6. Abbigail Blankenship (James Monroe High)
  7. Kaylee Polk (HEAT)
  8. Marra Tharp (John Marshall High)
  9. Megan Cutlip (Wirt County High)
  10. Carolyn Clarkson (James Monroe High)

Middle School Individual Male Standings

  1. Owen Champlin (Ripley Middle)
  2. Hunter Lilly (Independence Middle)
  3. Caleb Servetas (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  4. Triton Brown (St. Michael Parish School)
  5. Henry Martinez (HEAT)
  6. Hunter Lilly (Shady Spring Middle)
  7. Austin White (Peterstown Middle)
  8. Zachary Blancet (Elkview Middle)
  9. Daeus Pugh (Buckhannon-Upshur Middle)
  10. Owen Raines (Ripley Middle)

Middle School Female Individual Standings

  1. Elizabeth Chandler (Elkview Middle)
  2. Abbey Oldham (Ripley Middle)
  3. Kinley Honaker (Eastern Greenbrier Middle)
  4. Allie Childress (Elkview Middle)
  5. Sophia Aegan (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  6. Kiara Longfellow (Ripley Middle)
  7. Lilyan Galwey (Elkview Middle)
  8. Abigail Gunnoe (Elkview Middle)
  9. Aubrianuh Eggleston (Elkview Middle)
  10. Hayden Grimmett (Peterstown Middle)

Elementary School Male Individual Standings

  1. Nathan McDonald (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  2. A.J. Bailey (Peterstown Elementary)
  3. Wyatt Shamblin (Elk Elementary)
  4. Isaac Legg (Conner Street Elementary)
  5. Collin Gertz (Chesapeake Elementary)
  6. Jayce Servetas (UCHAA Upshur County Homeschool)
  7. John Watts (Maysville Elementary)
  8. Isaac Pittman (Elk Elementary)
  9. Mason Yancey (Alderson Elementary)
  10. Jackson Blankenship (Elk Elementary)

Elementary School Female Individual Standings

  1. Lillian Roberts (Elk Elementary)
  2. Braylyn Parker (Alderson Elementary)
  3. Emily Wegman (Pickens)
  4. Sophie Stricklin (HEAT)
  5. Sophia Burdette (Martin Elementary)
  6. Callie Roberts (Maysville Elementary)
  7. Allyssa Gunnoe (Clendenin Elementary)
  8. Caroline Barron (Elk Elementary)
  9. Hannah Moody (West Teays Elementary)
  10. Haylee Keeling (Elk Elementary)

Tournament competition is open only to schools that have received the National Archery in the Schools training and follow NASP rules. For more information on the West Virginia Archery in the Schools program or to attend the next training, visit the WVDNR website at wvdnr.gov/west-virginia-archery-in-the-schools-program.