Division of Labor

The Division of Labor is a multi-faceted and diverse state agency that touches the lives of every consumer and business within West Virginia. The Division of Labor is assembled into an administrative section and four service sections—Licensing, Consumer and Occupational Safety, Wage and Hour and Weights and Measures.

Agency Role:

  • Provide, without charge, safety consultations to employers to help them provide a safer workplace for their employees
  • Enforce child labor laws which prohibit children from working in hazardous areas or working hours that would interfere with school or health and well being.
  • Supervise the inspection of all boilers operating above a pressure of fifteen (15) pounds per square inch
  • Enforce state and federal construction and safety standards for manufactured homes
  • Enforce safety standards for amusement rides, amusement attractions, zip-lines and canopy tours
  • Enforce the Elevator Safety Act of West Virginia
  • Administer the Parental Leave Act
  • Enforce the Contractor Licensing Act, Crane Operator Certification Act, Regulation of Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Work Act and the Supervision of Plumbing Work Act
  • Enforce state safety laws in areas where there are no federal standards by conducting an annual occupational injury and illness survey to identify the severity of risk associated with the various kinds of employment
  • Ensure a minimum hourly wage is paid to employees

West Virginia Division of Labor

1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Building 3, Suite 200
Charleston, WV 25305

(304) 558-7890