Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund

The Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund (OHCF) protects lands that host West Virginia’s wild and wonderful natural resources. The OHCF’s work is guided by an 11-member Board of Trustees, drawn from land trusts; the Division of Forestry; the Division of Natural Resources; outdoor recreation and sportsmen’s groups; and the professions of biology, ecology, forestry, and public health. This mix of interests represents our state’s diverse citizens and regions. The OHCF’s land-protection projects can include important wildlife habitats, working forests and farmlands, as well as hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational areas. The OHCF is working to protect the best of our natural resources for all West Virginians.

The West Virginia Legislature created the Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund to invest in the conservation of unique and important wildlife habitats, natural areas, forest lands, farmlands, and lands for hunting, fishing and recreation. The fund is used to acquire interest in real property for conservation in keeping with the Wildlife Conservation Action Plan or other conservation plans and to award competitive grants for conservation purposes to eligible recipients.

OHCF FY 2022 Grant Round

The West Virginia Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund is now accepting applications through May 31, 2022, for small and large grants. Up to $750,000 may be awarded in total, including $100,000 for small grants. Please be sure to use the Eligibility Assessment to determine if your project qualifies for funding, review the Technical Assistance Manual for grant program and application details, and complete the Grant Application. The current forms and applications are available on the website at https://commerce.wv.gov/boards-commissions/outdoor-heritage-conservation-fund/

The Outdoor Heritage Conservation Fund Board of Trustees expects to make grant selections by July 6, 2022.


July 6, 2022

10:00 a.m.

WV Division of Natural Resources Headquarters, 324 4th Avenue, South Charleston, WV 25303

  • Minutes

  • Financial Report

    • Quarterly Reports from Andrew Nunn, Amy Cimarelli and Ashton Berdine

  • Site improvement plans proposed by Traci Hickson for the Dill/Shalimar easement require OHCF approval in accordance with the conservation easement.

  • Chesapeake Conservancy Moulton project needs status update and review and OHCF action may be needed.

  • Trustee appointments

    • Todd Miller, The Nature Conservancy for term expiring 6/30/2023, representing a land trust.

    • Zachary Loughman, expert in biology nominated by the WV Academy of Sciences; term expires 6/30/2022 and is eligible for reappointment.

    • Ed Maguire, representing sportsmen; term expires 6/30/2022 and not eligible for reappointment.

    • Doug Wood, representing recreation; term expires 6/30/2022 and not eligible for reappointment.

  • 2022 Grant Round Update

    • 22-1-01 American Battlefield Trust $300,000.00

    • 22-1-02 West Virginia Land Trust, Inc. $134,652.00

    • 22-1-03 Rolling Ridge Foundation $94,454.00

  • Review and Approval of 2022 Grant Applications • OHCF Trustee site visits need scheduled to the Jefferson County locations