Commerce Communications

Through its dynamic marketing and communications operation, Commerce Communications and its award-winning team coordinates and facilitates the marketing activities of all its agencies in the following ways:

  • Administrative Services: brainstorming meetings, new project estimates and setup, liaison for advertising sales pitches.
  • Media Relations: press release composition and distribution, event planning, media inquiries and news clips.
  • Photography, Videography and Creative Services: graphic design, production of print collateral and other marketing materials, photo and video shoots, photo and video editing and image requests.
  • Digital Services: website creation and management, social media composition and management, blog composition and maintenance and website analytics.

This is completed in conjunction with the Governor’s Office so the public as well as other branches of government are provided with accurate and consistent information. The Department places an emphasis on interagency cooperation in its marketing efforts to highlight the joint economic impact of its agencies and provide the most effective use of budgeted funds. Commerce Communications has won state and regional awards for its work.